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Over 200,000 Pressed Glitters Sold Worldwide!
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    Here at Prima Makeup we are hugely proud of our amazing sister brands, part of the Prima Portfolio. Want to find out more? Just click on the links for more information. 

    Skincare with only 100% Raw Ingredients, Botanicals, Extracts and Actives. 

    Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its fabulous benefit on both your skin and your mind. 

    Beautology Beauty use no synthetic fragrances, additives or preservatives. There are no dyes, no parabens and no nasty plastic microbeads.  All manufactured in the U.K, with the majority of their ingredients produced on a beautiful rural farm in Surrey, U.K.


    Take a look in your nearest makeup bag right now and count how many tubes, compacts and jars are made of plastic - Nearly all of them right?

     It’s 2019, the shameful fact is that of the 446 BILLION POUNDS OF COSMETICS SOLD PER YEAR, the majority is produced in single-use plastic. The cosmetics industry is letting our planet down.

    That's why we have created Gl₀H₂O, a traditional plastic alternative, destined to leave a positive impact on not only the cosmetics industry, but also the world.

    Providing an essential alternative packaging option, that when finished with, magically disappears in water.