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    Since our launch three years ago, Prima Makeup has gained a reputation for innovative, eye-catching products. We were the first to launch a pressed glitter onto the UK market, selling over 180,000 units in the first year. We’ve grown rapidly to meet demand and now offer a diverse range of cosmetics. However, our commitment to high performance and quality remains the same.

    We’ve always been ethically conscious and from the outset, a completely vegan and cruelty free brand. However, we felt we could go further still to reduce Prima Makeup’s impact on the planet.

    That’s why in 2018 we challenged ourselves to not only produce a fully biodegradable glitter, but also the cosmetic industry’s first fully dissolvable pot. And after months of research and development, we’ve finally cracked it. The result is our revolutionary new glitter range: GlHO.

    Why is it a game-changer?
    Traditional Cosmetic Glitter is a microplastic. Microplastics are tiny plastic discs, so tiny that they are able to pass through water filtration systems without being caught and continue into the world’s oceans. They are very harmful to sea life and can take up to 1000 years to fully decompose.

    This is why we are so excited about the potential of Gl₀H₂O: a fully biodegradable glitter, within a pot which will completely dissolve once its work is done.

    Zero Trace – Zero Landfill – Zero Plastic in our Oceans!

    This truly is Glitter without the Guilt.


    Let's Make the Pot Disappear

    Ready to see the magic happen? This wondrous material dissolves in water leaving a completely non-toxic solution that is safe to pour down the drain! When the pot is empty, simply immerse it in water to begin. You can either:

    • Pop it into the dishwasher in your cutlery tray face up and place on a full cycle (the extra minerals also help clean the dishes!)

    • Want to watch? Place in a heat proof tumbler or glass and add cold or boiling water. You may need to add additional boiling water or stir every few hours to encourage dissolving.

    There may be a small amount of mineral residue left in your glass, which is completely safe to pour down the drain. Please keep this product in a cool, dry place. If left in a humid/damp environment, you may see condensation on the pot. Don’t panic! This is fine, just wipe it dry. Don’t forget to #GloH2O when dissolving your pots! We can’t wait to see the magic happen!