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    Our Facebook Live stacker parties are a great way to for you to get more for your buck, we are giving you the chance more than double your stacker with our spin on the glitter wheel during one of these live events.

    Our Facebook Live events give you the exciting opportunity to customise your own prima stacker with exclusive shades. Add additional sections to your stacker by spinning the glittering wheel of fortune, depending on what the wheel lands on will determine how many extra sections you get in your stacker.

    Everybody is a winner as no matter what you spin you will always walk away with and the four-piece stacker you originally bought.

    So are you ready to try your luck?

    All you need to do is make sure you are free for the next Facebook Live Stacker Party.

    Then click the buy now button and purchase your Facebook live all in one stacker, during the Live we will call out your name and order number so that we can spin the wheel for you and show you your prizes.



    Spaces are limited, so to get started simply pay to enter £14.99 + shipping (Note your stacker will not be shipped out till after the Facebook Live Event) and fill out your personal information.

    Remember to pop your time in your diary as we will be speaking to you live during the event!



    • Registration costs are £14.99 + shipping
    • You will receive a minimum of a 4 piece stacker (£14.99) and a maximum of an 8 piece stacker (£29.99)
    • Instant win prizes will be priced from £3.75 to £29.99
    • All spins made live are final
    • If the live feed is interrupted during a spin, we will spin again once the feed has resumed.
    • Items will take approximately 7-10 days to arrive after the Facebook Live Event has taken place, however, may arrive sooner. Please allow 20 days for international shipping.
    • If for any reason, you miss the live session you have reserved or we are unable to make contact with you during the live event you will automatically receive a randomly selected 4 piece stacker in the post.
    • Instant win prizes are chosen by the host during the event

    Cancellation Policy
    Notice of Cancellation. You may cancel this transaction within 3 business days of the session date without penalty or obligation. Upon notice of cancellation, Prima Makeup will return your payment within 15 business days.